Frequently Asked Questions

You do not need to have years of empierce to start the self-sponsored program. You just need to be a registered nurse in your country. This is the major requirement for starting the NCLEX Journey. However, a level of experience will be needed after NCLEX, when you’ll be applying for a job in the US. So, start the process and you’ll gain experience as you proceed with the journey.

Yes! The EB3 Visa, which is the Visa we advise for our nurses, allows you to move to the USA with your spouse and children who are 21 years or younger. It is important to start compiling all the important documents as you will need the proof of marriage and children for the migration.

There is no harm in doing IELTS/OET first. However, for the USA Journey, we would advise you take NCLEX First. There are two reasons for this. Firstly, the NCLEX is the main exam needed for the US process. Your IELTS will only be used at the Visa Screen stage, a point at which you need to have your NCLEX ready. Secondly, the IELTS/OET results expire after two years. If you do IELTS/OET first, and your process delays unexpectedly, you may have to re-tale IELTS/OET later after doing NCLEX.

No. All the registrations, including CGFNS, JSA, boards of nursing, and the criminal background checks are geared towards qualifying you for the NCLEX Exam. Therefore, it is not possible to sit for the NCLEX before meeting those requirements.

Direct hire means that you will be hired directly to a hospital without an intermediary agent deducting your hourly pay. This is the essence of a self-sponsored program. Once an agency sponsors your process, they mostly place you in a hospital and will be taking a part of your hourly pay for a whole 3 years or thereabouts. When you sponsor yourself for the NCLEX, you have the freedom to choose a state, hospital, and a job of your choice, without a deduction to your salary pay. This means you will be a hospital employee rather than an agency nurse, and will be able to enjoy all the benefits of a hospital employee.

No. Currently, the USA needs about 250,000 nurses by 2031. The demand increases daily because of a combination of factors, including an aged workforce. Therefore, as at now, there are many vacancies for nurses in the USA. As well, the Bureau of Labor Statistics cites nursing as one of the most marketable careers in the US, currently.

No. It is not mandatory that you practice in the state where you do your NCLEX. Through compact licensing, your license can be endorsed to another state without you needing to re-take NCLEX.

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